As a result of purchase of ticket and entry onto the festival site all ticket holders consent to the following: 1. All ticket holders and crew agree to comply with any searches which designated festival security deem necessary to their person, luggage or equipment. 2. Lasers and strobe lighting maybe used at the festival. 3. Be aware music played may well be in excess of 100 decibels and prolonged exposure can damage hearing especially to young children. 4. People with disabilities interested in using the disabled facilities at the festival should apply directly to 5. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult (aged over 21) at all times. 6. Up to 4 under 18s may come with one adult (aged over 21) ticket holder. 7. Line-up is subject to change. 8. No pets, sound systems, glass bottles, weapons, bought in alcohol, open fires or barbecues, allowed on site. 9. No unauthorised recordings of the event. All images and sound recordings remain the property of Plantpot Ltd. 10. Cameras for personal use allowed. 11. Attendees consent to the filming, sound recording and photography of themselves as part of the audience. 12. Package holders will not be refunded in any circumstances, other than the total cancellation of the event, when only the face value of the package will be refunded. 13. Rights of admission reserved. 14. Ticket holders enter at their own risk. 15. Dangerous behaviour, fly pitching or sale of any other goods or other unauthorised trading will result in immediate expulsion from the site. 16. Plantpot Ltd has no liability for the loss or damage of belongings, goods or other materials belonging to guests and crew attending The Courtyard 2017. 17. You are not permitted to bring alcohol for your own personal consumption into festival - this is a condition of our license. 18. We reserve the right to refuse entry. 33. It is illegal to sell alcohol to or purchase alcohol for under 18s. For licensing reasons people aged under 18 must stay at least 2m away from any bar front on site. If you appear to be under 21 you may be asked for ID.